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Solar System Size

Once you’ve decided that your home in San Jose is a suitable site for the solar system, the next question you need to answer size solar system do I need? Another important factor to consider is what size solar system will suit my property? When you’re working with a solar system installation expert, it will cost them to design the size of your solar system considering the following factors.

What are your Solar Needs?

the first factor to be considered is how much energy your property consumes this will tell the system designers your energy requirements and they will set an upper limit as to how much solar energy you will need to produce to comfortably power your home or business.

How much Solar power should your system generate?

What the experts have tested your needs level then estimate how much solar your system should generate. This will be calculated by considering your overall savings goal. How much of a return on your investment you expect is whether you want to reach what’s known as NetZero energy consumption

How much solar power can you get?

Once we calculate your solar needs and how much solar you would like to generate the key factor in determining the size of the solar panel system, you need will be dictated by need constraints we have to work with will never push your system beyond the size you are comfortable with. There are some specific limitations that we always have to work with these include.


The signs of your solar panel system will be limited to your budget how much you can afford to spend and whether you want to install some premium solar upgrades to make your system more cost-effective

Space available

another key factor will be the amount of space you have available to install solar this could include roof space and ground space

These two factors will influence the size of your solar system as they will be key to determining the appropriate scientific solar system you need

Some important solar system size facts

When installing a solar system for our clients, the three key factors we always consider are how much solar you can get, how much shoulder you should get, and how much solar you need.

  • Our calculation of your historical energy use dictates your solar energy needs
  • when we’re talking about how much soda you should get, we factor into account your goals and watch you expect an ROI or solder offset
  • Ultimately, the final decision on a solar system that is usually budget and space available

While this may all seem complicated, we’ve been in the business for decades and we will help you find a balance between what you can have, what you want and what you need

How we will calculate your energy usage the basics = Your Solar Needs

The key factor when determining solar system sizes is the energy usage of the existing property. We look at the last 24 months of electricity bills and this gives us a fair estimate of the property’s energy use patterns over the space of two years. We can use this to safely estimate your monthly usage needs by looking at peak summer and peak winter needs and we will take these factors into account, including any other additional energy sources you use such as natural gas.

When we’re working with new constructions, the science team will generate an energy model based on the property type and we can safely predict your future energy needs.

Once our team is estimated your potential electricity consumption will also discuss any future events that may lead to an increase or decrease in your energy usage for example if you have children are they going to college soon if you intend to install a swimming pool as an electric vehicle in your future these will affect your energy consumption. There are a wide variety of potential issues that directly impact energy consumption, and we will try to factor these into account when estimating your future needs.

Final Annual energy usage estimation

Our estimation of your annual electricity and monthly consumption patterns well was to generate a model for the system size that best suits your property. In our experience. We estimate that 1 KW of solar paneling installed in San Jose can produce up to 1400 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. For example, if you consume 11000-kilowatt hours per year you will need to install a solar system whose size is enough to generate (11,000/1400 = 7.8) at least 7.8KW of power per year.

Remember this is only a ballpark figure while our estimates are usually accurate, we will refine your solar system signs to ensure its annual production is we will base more accurate this on a full site evaluation and our scientist’s exact estimation of your site solar potential. We will discuss every aspect of your site going solar and discuss any potential limitations we encounter.

Potential site limitations – affects how much solar you might get

Space available for panels

This is a vital fighter if you don’t have enough space to install solar panels you need this will limit the amount of power you can generate

  • Any space that’s not facing northward
  • Is not shaded most of the day
  • Space that isn’t obstructed by any Dormers, vents in other parts of the roof obstructions

I need space that meets all these criteria is ready for solar paneling. In the vast majority of cases, they would look to install roof-mounted systems that usually take up areas of approximately 18 ft. For example, if we want to install a solar panel system the size of which is 31 panels you will need 560 square feet of space.

Your Budget

The final determining factor and how big a solar system you need will come down to money. You tell us what you can afford and we will produce a system optimal to your budget. thankfully solar paneling has become increasingly affordable in recent years and we can design systems that will allow you to maximize the potential of your budget and increase your solar panel science and your home’s production levels